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Frequently Asked Questions

I need to finance, can you get me a loan?
Financing is available through a bank or a finance company. We also participate in a BUY-HERE PAY HERE PROGRAM. If you have a good job with pay stubs & clean credit we can arrange a loan through a bank, on regularly priced vehicles. "Sale Vehicles" & "Specials" do not qualify for BUY-HERE PAY HERE. If you are self-employed, we can arrange a non-income check loan through a finance company. Most applicants can be financed through a finance company or BUY-HERE PAY HERE. Please bring your drivers license, pay stubs, your w-2 for previous year employment, a phone bill, electric bill or cable bill to establish your residence. Vans may also be paid for using major credit cards. There is a one time application fee of $995.00 to participate in Buy Here Pay Here. This fee is only due if and when your application for Buy Her Pay Here is processed and accepted. If necessary, we can include this fee with the total financed price of the vehicle you are purchasing. Low credit scores may be subject to additional fees.

Should I Consider Hi-mileage Vans?
How long do they last?

We offer Low, Medium & Hi Mileage Vehicles. Due to our extensive experience selecting hi quality vans, we have found that hi-mileage Pennsylvania, Maryland & Delaware vans are superior to local New York City vans that have half the mileage. This is due to the fact that local vehicles drive in and around NYC where potholes and stop & go driving is the norm. Broken windows & locks, stolen radios & computers, and vandalism also abound. Out-of-state vehicles are highway driven, and pothole free. Incidentally, country people rely on their vehicles more, & have more respect for their vehicles than do city dwellers. Bercause of this, they tend to maintain them more carefully. An average city van has a life expectancy of about 150,000+ miles. Your typical out-of-state van should run for at least 250,000 miles. We also have seen countless vehicles exceed 300,000 miles.

The key to long vehicle life is regular maintenance. Our next door neighbor Brian Wright runs a repair & body shop "BRIAN'S VAN",that specializes,in Van Repair & service. BRIAN'S VAN is always ready to service & repair all makes & models of Vans & Light Trucks.

Do you warranty your vans?
We offer warranties on our vans without regard to mileage. Major components covered include internally lubricated engine, & transmission components. This warranty is for 30 days or 1000 miles, whichever occurs first, on most vehicles. Extended warranties may be obtained at the time of purchase on qualifying vehicles. We inspect all vans thoroughly prior to sale. This inspection includes the brakes, front end, lights, fluids, tires, and accessories. All diesel vehicles, snowplow vehicles, vans priced $1495 or less, & large commercial trucks, are sold as-is.

Where do I pay the state sales tax, and at what percentage?
We are obligated by NYS law to collect sales tax for vehicles we sell that will be registered in the state of New York. Of course you do not pay the tax again at the DMV whenyou go to register your vehicle and get your tags. Sales tax rate is based upon the address where the van is registered. If you reside in another state you are exempt from NYS sales tax.

Do I have to go to the DMV to register my van?
No. Vans Vans Vans is authorized by the DMV to issue regular passenger plates & commercial plates. We require a valid insurance card for the vehicle being purchased, & a drivers license. Vans Vans Vans will issue license plates immediately so that you may drive your van.

Can I use the plates from my old vehicle?
Definitely. Vans Vans Vans can effect the immediate transfer of your existing plates. Please bring your old registration, old plates, current insurance card, and valid state issued drivers license. We will contact your insurance company to effect the transfer of your insurance coverage to the vehicle you are purchasing. Faxed insurance cards are acceptable Proof of Insurance.

I am going to register the van out of ny state, how do I get it home?
Vans Vans Vans will issue a 30 day in-transit registration. We require a valid state issued drivers license & fax letter (or original) from your insurance agency stating that your new van is insured. We can normally arrange for this immediately via phone/fax. If you live within a 30 minute distance we will be glad to deliver the vehicle to your home, provided you can promptly return our driver to our office.

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